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Soul-care & Self-care

Think of Soul-care & Self-care like your ride or die besties, and take them with you everywhere!

Soul-care = the act of practicing & doing things that help/benefit the soul/spirit

Self-care = many things, therefore the ways to practice self-care are many, and relative to each individual based on their lifestyle and needs

Soul-care or caring for our soul is a result of how we practice our self-care, when we honor care and love ourselves we live more in gratitude love peace & happiness

Sharing a favorite Soul-care manifesto, that sums up how I feel about Soul-care and it's importance in our lives.

Soul Care by Kelly Rae Roberts
I believe soul care means SILENCING THE NOISE, hearing the whispers of my own soul, tending to my body with care, and NOURISHING THE INNER LANDSCAPE OF MY HEART.
I promise... to acknowledge the wisdom that resides within, honoring my highest, wisest self with kindness, integrity, and trust.
I promise... to honor the divinity and GIFT of my body & treat it kindl with compassion.
to devote time & energy to my soul work: forgiveness, gratitude, healing and learning to love & own my story.
I will.. SURRENDER what no longer serves me and pursue only what delights my spirit & brings joy.
I will breathe in the divinity of everything with a SENSE OF AWAKENING and trust.

Here's a sample list of self-care ideas:

  • sleep/rest/nap

  • exercise

  • fresh air

  • meditation

  • boundaries

  • social media detox

  • mani/pedi

  • facial

  • going to a doctor

  • painting

  • taking a bath

  • quiet time

  • flowers

  • seeing a friend

  • using a babysitter

  • journaling

  • therapy

  • hiring help

  • buying a treat

  • asking for help

  • going out to eat

  • massage

  • acupuncture

  • listening to a podcast

  • chiropractor

  • a cup of tea

  • a nap

  • walking

  • reading

  • getting a haircut

7 ways to practice Soul-care

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Set daily intentions

  • Slow down

  • Honor your boundaries

  • Let go of control

  • Connect with nature

  • Laughter

I'm a total Self-care advocate & Self-love warrior with a foundation rooted in Soul-care, I've spent many years letting go of all the things that no longer serve me, and still struggle with letting go of the things I no longer need in my life.

Daily Soul-care & Self-care habits,routines, and practices don't solve all our problems or make life perfect, but what they do, do for us, is invaluable and worth the effort it takes to make sure we take time to take care of ourselves, mind body soul/spirit .

As Kelly says in her manifesto....

Silence the noise

Listen to the whispers of your soul

Tend to your body with care

Nourish the inner landscape of your heart

With love & light


Conscious Positive Living

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