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My One Word for 2023

Every year for the past 10 years, I choose One Word at the beginning of the year, that will set the tone for every intention, habit, routine, mindset and thought for the year.

Choosing One Word each year rather than a list of goals completely changed my mindset from one of seeking perfection at all costs in order to achieve my goals to intentional focus on my One Word, and creating healthy ways to incorporate my One Word into my yearly plan and thriving much more than I ever did when I was solely focused on achieving my goals.

I used to set goals every year, and like so many of us, goal setting became overwhelming and unfruitful for me, instead of feeling motivated I would feel, defeated and unworthy of succeeding. So when I attended an annual women's brunch hosted by one of my besties church in 2013, the theme of the brunch was One Word, it forever changed the way I planned out my New Year.

As well as setting goals each year, I would choose daily and monthly Words to help achieve my goals. Sure, I did achieve some of my goals throughout the years, but mostly I would have unfinished goals, and feel completely like a failure. The only thing that helped was knowing I wasn't alone. So that year, I literally took a leap of faith, and dropped all formal goal setting and chose just One Word, and have ever since. This past years word was Flow,, and a few of my other past words have been strive, balance,believe, and flourish just to name a few. When I first started I began to incorporate my One Word into my daily routines and habits, finding ways to flow, strive, balance, believe, and flourish more each year. Here's 3 Ways I've found that help to really shine a light on your One Word • Create a vision board based on your One Word • Make an affirmation card, gather at least 10 affirmations using your One Word and create a digital or handwritten card, make it something you can have every where you go • Write a letter to yourself, using your One Word as the focus, write about how you see your life being affected by living intentionally focused on your One Word for 365 days, seal it put it away and open next NYE So every year since towards the end of the year, I like to reflect on how the year living with my One Word was, and allow my reflecting to bring forth the new years One Word. Sometimes it comes to me right away,others, I've decided at the last minute, only because I was being indecisive. For 2023, my One Word will be Clarity. After living in the Flow this past year, I've been able to get clearer on some things I've been working on, and feel like I'm being called to live a year in Clarity. I enjoy choosing One Word for the year and then setting intentions based on my word, and I love the results I'm getting by choosing One Word, and will continue to use it as long as I'm here to celebrate a new year! And I hope you give choosing One Word a try and see for yourself the life changing benefits of living with focused intentions. Tamarah @4logansrun Conscious Positive Living


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