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Emotional Resilience: Is for Thriving Every Day of Your Life

Emotional health & wellness are 2 of my top priorities, for myself and my loved ones. Learning to embrace uncertainty and learning to thrive in the midst of all life's chaos and darkness is important for us all to learn. Instilling healthy positive ways to be emotionally resilient, so that we can live our best life possible is the best path to our


Resilience is not just for surviving the worst day of your life it's for thriving every day of your life.
Dr. Rick Hanson

I've personally experienced things along my journey that have pushed me and tested me to beyond my limits, or so I thought.

I've experienced things that brought me to my knees, the kind of experiences that force you to either dig in and find your way through or get lost in all the uncertainty and darkness.

I've spent years reading about people who have survived all kinds of horrible things, and the one common thread I found was they all honed their emotional resilience. They all made a choice, that no matter what they were moving forward in healthy positive ways.

Sometimes, we go through certain things and think why me? Life is going to keep slapping you in the face. You have to make a promise to yourself that whatever happens, nothing will stop you from finding your joy.
~ Ash Alves

Building up our emotional resilience and staying open to the "What ifs" in life is part of the path to our own personal wellbeing.

What if...

... it all works out

... everything I've ever dreamed of is on the other side of my fear

... all my mistakes & failures are really leading me to live the life of my dreams

... I am enough right now, as I am

... I already have everything I need

... I take the risk or the leap of faith, and only good happens

... I have nothing to fear but fear itself

... I can find joy & calm in the messy chaos of life

Just think about it, what if?..

For all that is uncertain, I am still choosing joy.
I am trusting that even in the chaos of things, there is room to breathe deep and keep living.

8 tips to build emotional resilience:

• Connect with supportive people - spend time with those you love, accept their support, and speak to them about the things you find difficult, it can all help you to feel more positive and keep things in perspective

• Find balance in your life - we all need to have a balance between our routines, what is necessary, and the pleasurable tasks that bring us joy

• Develop your self-awareness - by finding & creating moments of stillness, this is a wonderful way to tap into your emotional resilience

• Expect & embrace change - life will always be uncertain, so it's important we find ways to navigate through the uncertain times in our lives

• Use positive self-talk - rewire your inner dialog, quiet your inner bully, and start practicing being your biggest cheerleader instead

• Remember all the challenges that you've overcome & reframe your current difficulty as an opportunity to learn & grow.

• Remember that most of the challenges we face in life are temporary - it's important we take time to reflect on our life & remind ourselves how resilient we really are

• Create a self-care toolkit - fill it with ways to build positive healthy coping skills (need help? Check out my February 2022 blog on SELF-LOVE: How to Make a Self-care Toolkit✨️


Conscious Positive Living


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