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Woman in Her 50's: Aging Gracefully

A woman in her 50's today looks very different, than a woman in her 50's from just 20 years ago let alone from the 1980's or earlier!

For way too long aging was taboo, especially for women. Youth dominated our vision of what was beautiful or appreciated. Once a woman passed a certain age she was no longer considered either one.

You have to ask yourself, who decided that youth was the holy grail ? And who decided that once a woman reached a certain age, she was no longer desirable, and we aren't talking about just how aging affects how she looks, but also in how it affects her personal and work life.

Time and time again when it came down to it youth would always win. So what's changed over the past few decades?

I'll tell you what's changed, women started to practice self-care and self-love more, they stopped trying to live up to unrealistic standards and expectations, and actually started taking care of themselves from the inside out, not the outside in!

Which makes a huge difference, especially over time. Think of each act of self-care and self-love like adding money to your compounding savings account, before you know it, you've put so much self-care and self-love into yourself, you're bound to shine bright and look like a million dollars, no matter what age you are. The research shows, that women who regularly engage in self-care practices suffer less depression, anxiety, and even physical illnesses like heart disease! Which proves that self-care doesn't just feel good, it provides real benefits for aging gracefully.

Aging gracefully is not about trying to look and be like a 20 something, it's about living your best life, and having the physical, mental and emotional health to enjoy it.

Here are 11 Self-care practices that can keep you in good health inside and out

  1. regular exercise that includes some type of strength training

  2. take daily walks staying active is invigorating

  3. eat mindfully enjoying a predominately plant based diet high in fiber and protein

  4. drink plenty of water proper hydration is a game changer

  5. do things you enjoy engage in activities that fuel your happiness

  6. practice meditation

  7. practice mindfulness

  8. take care of your skin on your face and body

  9. take care of your mouth healthy teeth and gums necessary as we age

  10. create a sleep routine another game changer

  11. try new things or find new hobbies

Now that I'm here living the decade of my 50's, I can see the change first hand. I remember what the women in their 50's looked and behaved like when I was a young girl, I thought they were so old and tired, as a teenager in the 1980's I could see the change in women beginning, and then several years later when I was in college I worked part-time as a certified aerobics instructor at a day spa just for women. As I continued aging I was witnessing more and more women, age incredibly! When I say that I don't just mean how they looked, but quality of life. Not only did they look amazing, happy and healthy, they were thriving and growing very independent and different from the past versions of what a woman used to be.

They say 50 is the new 30, but how about we let 30 be 30 and 50 and be 50 instead?

One of the most important qualities of aging gracefully is, acceptance. Acceptance that aging is part of life, and like so many things in life, we can choose how our journey can go as we age. Remember mindset is everything especially as we age.

And lastly, there is gratitude for each and every day and year around the sun, that we get to be here living, aging is a privilege.


Conscious Positive Living

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