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Uplift your Health and your Life with Happiness

Happiness starts with You!

Are you Happy? It’s a question we all get asked, and we usually answer the question without hesitation,”Yes I’m happy”, or we unload just how unhappy we really are, “No I’m not happy, my life sucks”.

Do you really think about your happiness or what makes you happy?

Or do you move through your life not worried about being happy because your life is too busy or you just don’t have the time to even consider whether you’re truly happy or not?

We never really stop to ask ourselves, “Am I happy”?

Most people feel as though there’s no time to think about childish stuff, like am I happy. I have bills to pay, things to do and take care of that are so much more important than sitting around asking myself silly questions, like... I Happy? Seriously?

What if I told you that if you simply made the choice everyday to CHOOSE to be happy, you could. What if it was that easy? Would you then take the seconds it takes to decide, “Today I will be happy”. “No matter what happens”.

Would you commit to your happiness?

Happiness is a choice. You can say yes or no. At anytime and decide to live with happiness. Choosing to be happy does not stop bad things from happening nor does it prevent all the bad things in life from showing up at your doorstep. But what living in happiness on a daily basis will do for you is ensure that when the bad stuff comes calling you will have the mental and spiritual strength to keep moving forward in love and positivity.

So for example, you get fired from your job, you crash your one family vehicle, you lose a loved do you remain happy?

You do.

Just because something bad happens doesn’t mean you have to give up your happiness and go into the darkness of fear and negativity. Bad things happen all the time to good, even great people. It’s not that you did something wrong or you’re a bad person and now something bad happened. It’s just life being life.

So stop for a moment when something bad happens, take a breath, and remind yourself that you choose to live in happiness and that however hard this time may be you will get thru it, you will find a solution,  you have before and you will again.

You hear stories all the time, about how someone had life challege them with some serious stuff. And yet, they persevere. They find a way to be happy. They get thru it.

I listened to two TED talks recently, one was a woman who was wrongfully imprisoned and another was a man who was also wrongfully imprisoned. The stories themselves were awful and beyond scary. Imagine one moment you’re living your life, the next you are in jail, innocent. What do you do? Most of us would probably immediately think, “Oh no way, I would go off the deep end, I would never make it”.

They did. They made it. And they lived to share their story. Of course, they fought for their freedom and fought for their sanity, it was not easy! But both did one thing, they decided that the one thing that could not be taken from them was their happiness. Their choice to BE HAPPY! 

That even though they were locked up wrongfully, grieving the loss of their free life,they chose to be happy and to live and to keep moving forward while imprisoned. They filled their days with reading, exercise, learning and growing mentally and spiritually and helping those around them. Instead of wallowing in fear in their awful dark situation, they instead chose to be happy, and find the light, even in prison. No matter what! They found a way to be happy. 

Our day to day lives can become like our very own personal prison of darkness and negativity if we allow it to. Where we think there is no light, no room for happiness or love. There is always light, you just need to look towards it. There is always room for happiness and love in your life, always, you just need to let it in.

Claim it. Make room. Set yourself free from your own personal prison of unhappiness, negativity and fear, and embrace your happiness.

It truly is that simple. You can get in the way of our own happiness, and lose sense of your true self, by believing that life is supposed to be hard and miserable and that you don't deserve to be happy.

It’s not. You do deserve to be happy. Life is good and meant to be wonderful. So everyday start it by claiming your happiness.

You are worthy. You can choose to be happy. You have a choice. Life is meant to be lived with love and happiness. So find ways you can uplift your happiness factor and live a healthier happier life.


“Conscious Positive Living”


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