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True Joy is Found in the Small Everyday Moments

Happy May 💖 I hope the past 4 months have been kind to you, or at least not too challenging. It's been a mix of both for me!

It's been one lesson, or big change after another since January, well if I'm being honest, I've been growing through lots of stuff, since March of 2020.

Not much of 2020 turned out how we thought it would be. For instance, May and June we had planned a summer graduation celebration for our eldest who was graduating from college with honors from ArtCenter College of Design, after working her butt off for 4 years. It was also the year of our 30th wedding anniversary, all the June birthdays (all 3 - my hubby & 2 kids have June bdays ) + the graduation from 8th to high school for our youngest, who had big plans for high school all wrapped up into one big family summer trip to France!

And that was just May & June of 2020, there were many little and big changes, that were forcing me to let go, trust, grow and move on. The changes continued with our longtime dentist and our family accountant both retiring the same year, as well as something we never thought we'd be doing which is spending most of our time in Northern California helping my parents run their vacation rental business.

Going back and forth these past 4 years between our home in LA to Mendocino for ortho, dentist, doctor appointments, see our eldest and visit our friends in LA has been challenging. Missing our old life, grieving the loss of how things were going to be, as well as embracing a new life up north, has been a lot for me.

To say I've been given so much of what I did not ask for, is an understatement!

Or is it what I asked for, just not how I thought I'd be?

So what I've done over these past 4 years to manage it all, has been to really lean into my self-care & meditation practice, so much so I actually went to school and got certified to teach meditation. As well as practicing more self-love, self-kindness and self-compassion for myself and everything on my plate.

What's been so helpful, and rewarding for me on my path to live a simple life, has been slowing down and taking better care of myself, it has been finding gratitude in the littlest things and finding joy in the small everyday moments I used to take for granted!

I started slowing down and noticing the small everyday moments about 15 years ago, as much as I'd like to think I always have, I didn't consciously start until my early 40s.

These small everyday moments, make up the majority of our lives, so why wouldn't we appreciate them and allow them to fuel our souls?

How To Find Joy In Small Daily Activities

Notice and appreciate the little things, like a sunny day or a delicious meal. Make time for activities you enjoy. Celebrate small achievements. Practice mindfulness to fully experience each moment. Remember, joy often hides in the ordinary. You're rediscovering happiness in everyday life.
~ Antonino Loggia

True, lasting happiness or joy is a state of mind. It stems from within ourselves. A deliberate, learned response to life that can be consciously and proactively cultivated, regardless of the forces outside of ourselves.

So for this month's intentions, I want to help you make this 5th month of the year the month you let the small everyday moments in a little more because they are where you'll find your joy.

11 Ways to Find Joy in the Small Everyday Moments

✨️Take a joy inventory - what does joy mean to you?

✨️Live in the present moment - practice being present

✨️Practice gratitude - start a gratitude journal

✨️Make a joy bucket list - now that you've done your joy inventory, add your joys to your bucket list

✨️Spend time with loved ones - being around loved ones is uplifting for you and them

✨️Volunteer your time - nothing sparks joy in everyday moments than giving

✨️Celebrate your small wins - small wins can add up to big wins

✨️Spend time in nature - nature reminds us to slow down and savor the moment

✨️Practice meditation - meditation connects us to the present moment

✨️Let go of the pursuit of perfection - nothing steals your joy more the perfectionism

✨️Practice random acts of kindness

"Lots of people confuse joy with happiness, and although they are closely related and often occur simultaneously, these feel-good emotions aren't synonymous. Happiness is an emotion that brings bursts of intense pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction, while joyfulness is a stronger, longer-term state that results in feelings of inner peace and contentment." -

💖 May Affirmation:

I am grateful for the small moments that make my life happier & more meaningful.

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