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To Everything There is a Season

In life there is a season for everything, as the famous bible verse Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 reminds us of, that there is a right time for everything. After 30 years of marriage and 2 decades of raising our children, my hubby and I have lived through many seasons together. Some seasons were so beautiful, they took our breath away, and gave us memories to last a lifetime, other seasons were cold and so dark, we thought we would never find the light!

Lifelong commitment is not what everyone thinks it is... It's not waking up early every morning to make breakfast and eat together. It's not cuddling in bed together until both of you peacefully fall asleep. It's not a clean home and a homemade meal every day. It's someone who steals all the covers or snores like a chainsaw. It's sometimes slammed doors, and a few harsh words, disagreeing, and the silent treatment until your hearts heal. Then...forgiveness! It's coming home to the same person everyday that you know loves and cares about you, in spite of and because of who you are. It's laughing about the one time you accidentally did something stupid. It's about dirty laundry and unmade beds without finger pointing. It's about helping each other with the hard work of life! It's about swallowing the nagging words instead of saying them out loud. It's about eating the easiest meal you can make and sitting down together at 10 p.m. to eat because you both had a crazy day. It's when you have an emotional breakdown, and your love lays with you and holds you and tells you everything is going to be okay, and you believe them. It's when "Netflix and Chill" literally means you watch Netflix and hang out. It's about still loving someone even though sometimes they make you absolutely insane, angry, and hurt your feelings. Who loves you fat or thin, happy or mad, young or old. It's a commitment to always love the same person, to never give up. Living with the person you love is not perfect, and sometimes it's hard, but it's amazing, comforting, and one of the best things you'll ever experience. ~ unknown

I've learned after many years of life on this earth that I have no control over what season will come or when. All I can do is show up for whatever season comes, aware and present, breathing meditating and stay grounded in patience, faith, and grace as I move my way through the seasons of my life.

When we first met and married, in our 20's, we were so young, and ambitious, I call that time our "season of becoming", we were working hard, dreaming big, living a little bit too large, lol, and forever hopeful and optimistic for a bright future.

Then we became parents, totally unplanned, in our 30's, and our "season of becoming", quickly became our "season of parenthood", it was a long arduously glorious imperfectly perfect season with many highs, and lows, but the one beautiful constant, was the love we had for each other. The need to be love, give love, receive love, not only to our children, but also to each other and to ourselves as well. I truly believe the only way to be able to thrive and survive parenthood is with unconditional love, with compassion and reverence for the act of raising a human being. We aren't just raising children, we are raising adults. Adults that will be part of the world some day, they may even make a difference, in a good way, if that's not the most important, job or season, I don't know what is?!

Now that our "season of parenthood" is coming to an end, our new "season of aging gracefully" will soon be upon us! We're embracing more time to ourselves, as semi-empty nesters as well as embracing being there for our aging loved ones, because as we've aged so have all our loved ones around us. No one really prepares us for the ageing of our parents, so now that I am here in this new season, it is an opportunity for me to grow and learn along with my loved ones as they age, so that I may age as gracefully as I can.

So as I enter this new "season of aging gracefully", I will walk in faith, that I will continue to bloom wherever I am planted, with grace!


Conscious Positive Living

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"To Everything There is a Season"


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