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Open Letter to My daughter

Happy Mother's Day

Open Letter

To my daughter Gia,

I wouldn't be able to celebrate this day, had you not chosen me to be your mom, 24 years ago! You asked me once had I always wanted to be a mom, and when I told you no, you asked me why, I then reluctantly shared my story with you, wanting you to know the truth but scared to tell you. I know it made you feel sad when you found out becoming pregnant with you was not part of my life plan!

Since then we've talked all about the cancer scare that happened at that time in my life, the scare that ultimately lead to becoming pregnant with you, but there's something I've wanted to share with you for a while now, that I think you should know.

You are the reason I finally chose ME

You are the reason I started to practice self-love

You are the reason I wanted to be better and do better

You are the reason I am who I am today

...becoming your mom, changed me, it rocked my world and it put me on the path that I am today...

You taught me to be me and love myself

You taught me that being perfectly imperfect was more than good enough

You taught me that I did want to be a mom, and that accidentally getting pregnant with you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me

You came into my life and filled me up with so much love, you taught me how to be a mom today I celebrate mother's day by thanking you for loving me and allowing me to be your mom... I love you Gia more than there are stars in the galaxy ️



I've written about becoming a mom in several of my other blogs, but I've never really gone into how the birth of my daughter changed me.

Becoming a mom taught me to love myself.


Because when I looked at my daughter for that first time, I wanted to show up for her, even though I didn't know how, I wanted her to know I loved her and know that I would always love her

I wanted her to love herself, I wanted her to be happy, so when I thought about loving myself and my own happiness I saw I needed to make some changes, I saw I needed to do the things I wanted her to do, she needed to see what self-love and self-care look like, she needed me to show her the way. And show her the way, I did! Every year learning to love myself more and more, showing her that even through chaos, change, mistakes, failures, and loss, I could love myself, learn and grow. Which I hoped would help her, to see she could too.

Now at 24, I look at her in awe, she's so beautiful, inside and out, she's smart, hardworking, creative, artistic, spiritual, kind, fierce, independent, she's her own woman. I am proud of the changes I made along the way, over these past 24 years as her mom, she made me see the beauty of motherhood, she brought me to life, and has made me the proudest mom! These past 2 years have been hard for her, graduating college during a pandemic and learning to navigate her life, with all it's added ups and downs. All the while, she stayed open to her emotions, communicated, sought help, when needed, and did the things that helped her heal and move forward. I watched in awe of her, I could see that she was thriving, no matter what life threw at her, that's when I knew she'd be okay no matter what. That's when I knew I had done what I wanted to do for her, since the moment I held her that first time, I wanted her to know love, my love, her love, all the love.


Conscious Positive Living


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