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Joy Full Life: How to live more Joyfully

Joy IS a spiritual practice ✨️

Carve out a few moments each day for something delightful, joyful, playful . Just for you. Just because. ~ Mary Davis

Took me a while to learn that loving and taking care of myself was not a luxury but a necessity.

Part of that journey includes carving a few moments each day just for me just because, especially when I'm feeling overwhelmed by life.

Making time for the things that brought joy into my life was necessary for me to feel healthy, happy, and joyful, and it reminds me to focus on the things that matter most in life.

Try it for yourself and see, especially this time of year, when you're extra busy doing & taking care of everything and everyone else, gift yourself a little something for YOU too.

Choose Joy!

Don't wait for things to get easier, simpler, better. Life will always be complicated. Learn to be happy right now.

Otherwise, you will run out of time.

We can't often choose our circumstances, but we can better control our reactions and emotions.

Choose Joy. ~ Author Unknown

5 Ways to Find More JOY


•JOY is NOT in things,it is in US

•The root of JOY is GRATEFULNESS

•Find BEAUTY in the everyday SIMPLE THINGS

•Let JOY in, and let it live LOUD IN YOUR SOUL

It takes courage to open up to JOY, live courageously, and choose to live in JOY.

Joy is an inside job, just like happiness & gratitude.

I know I want more JOY HAPPINESS & GRATITUDE in my life, and I wish there was more in the world.

So I do my best to be joyful, happy, and grateful because that is what I wish to see more of in the world.

More self-awareness

More compassion

More forgiveness

More happiness

More kindness

More gratitude

More love

More Joy

What do you wish to see more of in the world?

It all begins with you.

You CAN find stillness & joy in all the chaos .

In each moment, we have a choice,

As one moment to the next unfolds,

We can not control what may come.

But we can choose to find...






In each moment, if we choose to

It is ALL our choice how we choose to show up to our messy imperfect lives.

Become aware and make the choice to show up in each moment intentionally.

Transcend the misery, boredom, hatred, and chaos. Instead, choose to seek the inner joy that exists within.

We may not have the power to make life fair or perfect, but we do have the power to make life joyful even in all the misery, boredom, hatred, and chaos.

It's a JOY FULL life ✨️

It's a Joy FULL Life
I believe When all else fails, LOVE always wins
I believe... In practicing COURAGE (every single day)
I believe... Kindness changes everything
I believe... In telling our messy, complicated Beautiful stories
I believe... Nothing is wasted & EVERYTHING SHAPES US
I believe... In letting go & trusting the process
I believe... We are all a part of something BEAUTIFUL, something BIGGER, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly. good ~ Kelly Rae Roberts

Living a JOY FULL life is not about living some perfect fairy-tale life.

It's about having the courage to let go of what we think everything should be like and embracing our messy imperfect complicated lives for everything that it is and doing our best to be kind along the way to ourselves as well as the people around us

It's believing that we are all part of something BEAUTIFUL in all the chaos and uncertainty of life, that there can still be joy.

T 🫶

Conscious Positive Living

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