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My Top 10 Whole Health Mind Body Soul Tips & My 3 Life lessons

What do you think is the most important thing for you to do, to be happy and healthy mind body and soul? Ask yourself, "What do I do for myself?", and see what your answer is? I know when I asked myself this same question in the beginning of 2009, my answer was full of what I did as a mom wife homeschooler and entrepreneur, but none of it, was just for me.

I had been going going going since becoming a mom unexpectedly in 1998, working, dealing with life and all it's ups and downs. I share more about all that in my other two blogs on our Homeschooling Journey and my life as an Actor's Wife. In this blog today I want to focus on what I've learned and share with you my tips and life lessons, in hopes of helping you live in whole health mind body and soul.

My list of tips is just that, my list of things that have worked great for me. I am able to practice more self care which helps me to practice more self love, which ultimately makes me feel good because I'm doing things to take care of myself inside and out. You may find other things that work for you, the point is to find those things, and make it a priority. We tend to think of self care as a luxury, like spa days or we think we don't have time, or we have come to believe that our to-do lists define us, whether we get them done, or how much is on them, it becomes the barometer of our success and happiness in life. We think the more we do the more successful we are, or we wait for these things to happen before we are happy with ourselves.

I ask you, "What do you do for you?"

The reason it is such a priority to take care of you inside and out is that the benefits can be life changing, if anything the calmness and creation of less stress brings more happiness and joy. Acknowledging and embracing life for the good and bad and finding healthy positive ways to navigate through daily life and all it's feelings and emotions, in and of itself brings more happiness. Find the things you love to do make time for them, put yourself first, it's okay!

So here is my list of things I love to do...

My Top 10 Tips for Whole Health

1. Meditate daily

2. Gratitude Practice daily

3. Regular Exercise daily-ish is best I mix it up with bootcamp hiking yoga running and walking

4. Drink plenty of Water daily this is so important can't stress it enough sometimes we can feel so run down just from not getting enough water

5. Balanced healthy eating daily I practice 80% vegan organic healthy food and the other 20% is whatever I want from desserts to decadent meals I don't regularly eat

6. Lift Weights or do some kind of strength training regularly

7. Earthing is a wonderful practice that I will use when I'm feeling overwhelmed or when I need a reboot

8. Create small routines and create am & pm rituals that start and end your day

9. De-clutter...less is more I function so much better when I have my living space in order, now I am no Marie Kondo or Martha Stewart but I do my best to keep the clutter to a minimum as much as possible

10. Live simply and appreciate the small things

My 3 Life Lessons

These are the most important life lessons I have learned and the ones that have brought me the most happiness and joy and the ones that help me navigate through life's ups and downs and stress less. I do my best to lead by example and live what I advocate for and want as many people as possible to see what living a Conscious Positive lifestyle is like and to see what simple small changes can do to improve their quality of life.

Positive Self Talk

The first big life lesson I learned was practicing Positive self talk. I learned when I was in my early 20's to be more aware of my inner dialogue. I would write down positive affirmations that were the opposite of my rambling insecure not good enough negative thoughts. I carried my affirmations everywhere, I would write them down in my journals and daily agendas, I would put them on stickie notes and place them everywhere! I did this for years until I was able to practice Positive self talk. I still write down affirmations and work on being aware of any negative self talk I may let in every day, it is an ongoing process and practice. The difference this makes in how I feel about myself is worth every effort I have had to make to get to the happy positive person I am today.

Self Care

This was the game changer the life changer for me. The moment I decided to put my self care first was the moment self love started leading the way. Self care is one of the simplest things we can do for ourselves. What is self care? It's doing healthy positive things that are good for us that make us feel good mind body and soul. Why it's okay to put yourself first? Here's why...we all want to be our best we all want to succeed and achieve our goals we also all want to show up for our loved ones and the people in our lives as well as hopefully flourish and thrive as a human being. How do we expect to do this if we don't take care of ourselves and put ourselves first? We have to put ourselves first we have to fuel our minds our bodies and our souls to be able to show up in all areas of our life. And we have to do this in healthy positive ways. So how do we practice self care. First thing is be aware, listen to your mind body soul and see what it is you need. We all need different things and different things fill us up and make us happy, so find those things and do them, and do them regularly! Make taking care of yourself a priority.

Self Love

Self love can get a bad wrap. We are made to feel bad if we love ourselves. Yet self love is the key to it all! Without self love it's hard to evolve into our highest self. Self love takes practice and it takes daily practice. Being kind and compassionate to ourselves and practicing forgiveness takes practice. Learning to love ourselves unconditionally and practice self love allows us to show up for ourselves the same way we would for one of our loved ones. We can not hate ourselves happy or hate ourselves into success. We can love ourselves and our lives through it all!


"Conscious Positive Living"

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