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5 Years Ago... I created 4Logansrun: Here's what I've learned along the way

When I started my social media journey in 2009 it was strictly private and shared with my family and friends. In 2017 though, that all changed, when I started a LOVE campaign on my personal Facebook page, for 365 days I made a positive loving thoughtful post. I wanted to add more love and light to the digital world, since at that time, the negative side of social media and the internet was running rampant.

I was repeatedly told how toxic and negative the digital world was and that striving to be a blogger or an influencer was not a worthy career or goal.

I listened for a while, but I had this idea, that there had to be positivity, light and love in the digital world, I just needed to find it.

It wasn't until August of 2018 that I finally created public social media pages as well as a website. I had been told for so many years how toxic and negative social media was, call me naive, but I was determined to create a loving positive experience for myself.

Here's what I did, what happened and what I've learned.

ok so first let me tell you pushing the publish button on my website and social media pages back in August 2018, was not an easy step for me, I was nervous I would be judged, that I wouldn't be good enough or wouldn't be able to do it!

Right before I did push the button, I stumbled upon an article written by a middle aged mom, like me, titled, "I Am Not an Expert"by Leigh Kochner , it was exactly what I needed to hear, that I didn't need to be an expert to have something to say, that if I stopped and thought about it, I had alot of experience living my life, as a woman, wife, mom etc, I had a lot to say and had a lot of expertise in many areas. Just because I didn't have a degree in motherhood or being a wife or self-care & self-love, didn't mean I couldn't share all the things I've learned along the way.

Once I pushed the button, and started posting on Facebook and Instagram, and starting publishing blogs on my website, I still felt unsure and my perfectionist mindset wanted so badly to kick in, which if you are a perfectionist too, you know it can be paralyzing, which means not doing anything!

So I needed to learn to embrace mistakes and failures as part of the learning process. From learning how to publish a blog on my site, to creating my own quotes as well as overcoming the learning curve on all the platforms I was on, that I had no idea how to really work, lol!

So for the first 6 months, I was a total beginner learning to do everything!

Then I met a community of women online that completely changed everything!

Connecting with like minded women was a total game changer. I was supported and afforded the space to be me and flourish.

I wrote a 3 part blog about my life over a 30 year span called, Actor's Wife Actor's Life in 2018 and 2019. So far it's been my most popular blog and has been featured several times including when the popular page The Way We Met, featured part 1 on their page in 2 parts!

Going into my 2nd year, was also the year the world shut down, and life as we all knew it was over. I spent all of 2020 writing about the experience and shared several blogs about the uncertainty we were all experiencing. I was sharing more food, as well as more about meditation. I wanted to be able to share everything I loved.

In my 3rd year I was finally in my flow and feeling like I was finally figuring it all out, and having fun, or so I thought.

I collaborated with brands like Sambucol, Earthing, and a new meditation app for women called, Aspire. I was extremely picking about who I partnered with, not wanting to just go with everyone who messaged me for a collab!

My pages were growing and I was feeling like I was ready for more and really wanted to find a way to service the community of aprox 20k women that I had between my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Year 4 was the year I felt confident enough to pursue the next level and started to look for a school to get a certification as a meditation teacher.

I decided that since my mission and message is all about self-care self-love mindfulness and meditation that becoming a certified meditation teacher would not only service the community of women I was creating, but it would also allow me a voice to write more and share more about the benefits of meditation.

This year, I decided it was time to get serious and focus on what my main message is, and always has been, and that's self-care self-love mindfulness and meditation. I love sharing yummy food I make so I decided to separate my content and created a food page @veggiefoodievibes for all my recipes and I also created a meditation page @millionmomsmeditate for Moms to learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness.

I also started my meditation teachers certification on Aug 1st at Meditation University and look forward to reaching my goal of finally becoming a certified meditation teacher, thanks to the scholarship that I was awarded after applying for it at Meditation Magazine.

I'll get to write for the magazine as well, which has been the ultimate goal all along, to write.

Eventually, I plan on writing a book, I've started several over the years, and feel like the time has come to finish one of them.

4Logansrun, was created from a place of love, with the mission to spread the message that self-care and self-love are not a choice they are a necessity, and that mindfulness and meditation can enhance the quality of life on all levels, if we make time to practice.

Thank you for being here, I look forward to sharing much more with you, in the years to come.


Conscious Positive Living


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