Actor's Wife Actor's Life Part ll

My story on living with and being married to an actor and the lifestyle we live it's a 3 part story so I'll be sharing each part separately...

PART ll - The Strikes and Surviving the Aftermath + My 3rd Career change & Baby #2

The 3 of us Ricky filming a commercial on location in San Francisco in 2000

We ended the last decade which also happened to be the end of a century and the beginning of a new millennium with so many life changes it was already overwhelming in addition to the unplanned birth of baby number 1 and my 2nd career change it was a constant flow of uncomfortable change challenges and growth. Since our wedding NYE 1990 to 2000 our lives had completely changed we were unaware and totally unprepared for the challenges loss and surprises we would go through during the decade from 2000 to 2010.

Our daughter was born June 1998 right after I had a cervical cancer scare. I was transitioning from a full time budding career in fine dining restaurant management to an out of work mom.

How did this happen? Why?

When our daughter was born I was able to take time off with the intent to go back and work fulltime again in restaurant management. But when I was ready to go back the restaurant I had been working at was going through another transition and would no longer be a place I wanted to work. I was devastated. Lost. Scared. I was a new and a totally unprepared mom and the one thing I knew and loved which was to "work" was no longer there. So when the year 2000 began I was looking for work and doing my best to be a happy mom and to keep moving forward.

I had never been the little girl who longed to be a mom I had never really thought of myself as a mom. I was a model an actress a restaurateur I was not mommy material. So needless to say I was overwhelmed and way out of my lane.

I was struggling with not working being a new mom and feeling guilty for struggling.

The original birth announcement for our daughter

What I didn't know and what my husband didn't know was that he was about to go through some drastic changes himself.

He had already gone through the closure of his theatrical agency due to embezzlement by the ceo and owner and his personal manager decided to retire and leave the industry. But he found another agent and manager so we thought he was set and would be ok. Little did we know.

His industry announced in the beginning of 2000 that they were preparing for huge contract strikes. Which at the time we didn't have any idea what that would mean to us. We were so young and overwhelmed already with new parenthood and my career challenges that the strikes ended up blindsiding us.

Original magazine from September 2000

The strikes seemed to go on forever. Actor's like my husband Ricky were hit the hardest. Unable to work during that time or renegotiate any quarterly guarantees it was like a slow leak. I hadn't worked since having our daughter in 1998 and had been looking for work with no luck. So we were already dipping into our savings and using our credit cards.

But once the strikes were in full swing the leak became a hemorrhage. A leak we ignored out of fear until it was almost too late.

Original newspaper clip from our neighborhood paper during the strikes

Original article on the strike